Vandan Steel & Engg. co. is a ABREX 400 Plate importers, suppliers and stockists, conveying to the entire of the world.We are having biggest stock and prepared load of around 1000 tons of ABREX 400 Plate in various size, grades and cuts.Our fabricating system is upheld by escalated in-house item assessment and testing and authorize to meet all the most perceived global principles, including ISO 9001:2008

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Vandan Steel & Engg. co. has some expertise in ABREX 400 Plate .With 25 years of involvement in supplying and sending out ABREX 400 Plate we offer superb, lower cost however the best administration.

We are had practical experience in offering exactness designed ABREX 400 Plate , which are utilized as a part of different building applications and can be benefited in different evaluations likeABREX 400 Plate, Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates these evaluations are accessible as Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

ABREX 400 steels are the most for the most part used of the wear safe assessments. ABREX 400 demonstrates a phenomenal solidification of high imperviousness to impact, workability, weld limit and imperviousness to scraped area. ABREX 400 has around 3 times the scraped area resistance of ordinary steel plate and helps drawing out the organization life of mechanical parts.

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   Size: 5mm ~ 120 mm
   Width: Up to 3000 mm
   Length: Up to 12000 mm


   Screen Plates - Chute Liners
   Conveyor Buckets
   Cutting Edges
   Ripper Tyne
   Ore Scrapers


Grade C max Si max Mn max P max S max Ni max Cr max Mo max B max
Abrex 400 0.21 0.70 2 0.025 0.010 1.00 1.20 0.60 0.005


Grade Mechanical Property Charpy V Impact Test
ABREX 400 Yield Tensile Elongation Degree longitudinal
Min Mpa Mpa Min  % -40 J
1000 1250 10 45

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