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Sumihard 400 is a through solidified scraped area abrasion resistant steel with a run of the mill hardness of 415 BHN.

These Sumihard 400 steels are the most broadly utilized of the wear resistant evaluations.They show an astounding mix of high resistance to effect, workability, weld capacity and resistance to scraped area.It has around 3 times the scraped area safety of normal steel plate and helps dragging out the administrative life of mechanical parts.

The utilization of scraped area safety Sumihard steel plate notably decreases the weight of structural parts presented to serve rough conditions.Compared with regular steel, Sumihard steel plate reduces structural weight and conveys monetary benefits.


   Dump Truck Liners
   Cutting Edges
   Ripper Tyne
   Crusher Liner Plates
   Drag line Bucket Wear Liners
   Screen Plates - Chute Liners
   Conveyor Buckets
   Ripper Tyne
   Ore Scrapers

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